Northern Europe




Boreal Europe style

Nordics is famous for its simplicity and pays attention to smooth line design, which represents a kind of fashion, coupled with modern practical and exqusite artistic design style, reflecting a certain orientation and melody of modern urb anites entering the new era. Therefore, more and more people are choosing customized furniture when customized Nordic style.



Boreal Europe style

Comfortable, livable, contracted, it is the core of Nordic wind. Although is concise, but household form can be diverse, function is practical close to nature.


Boreal Europe style

The whole design line is contracted, fluent, design sense, look like simple but see elaborate arrangement, refuse messy. Can also integrate nature into the home, such as trees, flowers and vegetables, full of art and nature.


Although Nordic wind is concise, but household form can be diversiform however, the function is practical close to nature, partial soft outfit chooses relatively bright tonal, because Nordic wind is not heavy the feeling that be heavy.


While making the public interest pay attention to the Nordic style, the Nordic design does not lack the concern for the minority. For example, eliminate the inconvenience of disabled people in life, design convenient human nature design for them, and realize social equity. They all reflect the Nordic style of design to people's comprehensive care.

Boreal Europe style


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